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There are around 150 Landcare and community based natural resource management groups in the Corangamite CMA region, comprising at least 4000 members. These groups also engage the support of many non-member volunteers on various occasions. Some of these local groups have formed alliances and networks.

There are a total of 11 Landcare networks, representing the majority of the 150 groups found within region. The networks allow groups of land managers to set targets and goals for their local area; develop a platform for groups to plan and implement projects to protect and enhance their local landscape; and share learning’s, technical knowledge and resources.

The diversity of the groups and their reasons for being reflects the complexity of the landscape in the region – embracing rural, urban and coastal communities. Groups work to protect, enhance and restore the landscape on both private and public land.

Some of the activities undertaken by Landcare groups across the Corangamite region include biodiversity protection and enhancement, river health restoration, erosion control, salinity prevention, pest plant and animal management, agricultural production improvement and community engagement and education and social networking.

If you would like more information on Landcare group activities in the Corangamite;
- Search for a group via the map of Victoria or enter your postcode
- Navigate via the Groups section to find a group

If you need to find out more on how you can get involved in Landcare, please check the Contacts page for your local Coordinator, or contact the Corangamite Regional Landcare Coordinator
Tracey McRae
Phone: 03 52329100 or via the Contact Form

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