Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven Landcare Group

For any information regarding the Batesford, Fyansford, Stonehaven Landcare Group, please contact Helen Percy on 03 5276 1497 or send a message via the Contact Form.

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Stonehaven Landcare group formed in 1989 and comprised of farming families in the community with strong interests in combating Serrated Tussock and reducing the rabbit population with the Rabbit Buster program. The Fyansford community soon joined with Stonehaven Landcare group and continued the above strategies and also planting native tree corridors to assist in reducing the spread of weeds.

 In 2001 the group was incorporated as Batesford Fyansford Stonehaven Landcare Inc. with farming community members and adjoining rural residential members.

Currently we are continuing with weed management including Serrated Tussock, Carpet Weed  and Boneseed in the Stonehaven Reserve, Red Gum Reserve, Moorabool River Reserve and the Batesford Reserve.

The Green Corps project in the Batesford Reserve commenced on December 17th 2007 and concludes on June 13th 2008. The project has been a huge success with the landowner - George Belcher and Project partner - BFS Landcare working with the Green Corps team for the best environmental outcomes possible.

Immense quantities of problem weeds have been removed including Galensis pubescens - Carpet Weed, Chrysanthemoides  monilifers - Boneseed, Rhamnus alaternus - Italian Buckthorn, Olive trees and Serrated Tussock. The challenge of the repetitive work was accepted well by the Green Corps team and they persevered as did the rest of us.

The Green Corps team propagated approximately 7000 tube stock at Barwon Water Nursery under the watchful eye of Jillian Rough and learnt a great deal about indigenous plant propagation. BFS Landcare now has a stock of seedlings for future propagation held at the nursery. Approximately 20 species of plants have been grown, Seeds and cuttings were collected in Red Gum Reserve and the Batesford Reserve. Revegetation has commenced with approximately 2000 seedlings planted.

The contractor Garry Gunn put in 750 metres of treated pine posts, steel posts, end assemblies and gates. Then with Bill Honey in charge, the Green Corps team put through five strands of wire to finish the fence separating privately owned land from the Batesford Reserve.

Photo points for monitoring and documentation were established and bird and mammal surveys conducted.

The project has been a successful and valuable experience for all involved. The Green Corps team and their Team leader Stuart Quick have been great to work with and we thank them and wish them well in their chosen careers.


Town: Geelong

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