Surf Coast & Inland Plains Network (SCIPN)

Surf Coast and Inland Plains Network (SCIPN) is a Landcare Network operating along the Surf Coast from Barwon Heads to Anglesea and within the inland plains between Connewarre and Lake Modewarre. The region takes in the catchments of the Thompsons Creek and Spring Creek.
Surf Coast & Inland Plains Network (SCIPN)

Surf Coast and Inland Plains Network

SCIPN's vision is to coordinate and facilitate cooperation between Landcare groups, friends of groups and environmental groups and the community to preserve, restore and protect the environment as well as promote sustainable land management.

SCIPN's assets include:

  • Victorian Volcanic Plain - Natural Temperate Grasslands
  • Point Addis Marine National Park
  • Two marine sanctuaries - Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary & Point Danger Marine Sanctuary
  • RAMSAR Wetland - Western Fringe of Lake Connwarre & Karaaf Wetlands
  • Bells Beach Recreational Reserve
  • Thompsons Creek Catchment
  • Spring Creek Catchment
  • Browns Swamp
  • Lake Modewarre
  • Moonah Woodland, a referred food source salt marsh for the nationally threatened Orange Bellied Parrot, Spiny Peppercress in association with chaffy saw sedge (Gahnia filum) and Blue Tussock Grass (Poa poifomis)
  • Yarra Pygmy Perch nationally significant species Thompsons Creek Catchment
  • Gos Grey Hawk, Powerful Owl, Rufous Bristlebird

SCIPN's focus

  • Community support, engagement and capacity building
  • Pest plant and animal control and management 
  • Environmental education
  • Protection, enhancement and restoration of Biodiversity
  • Sustainable agricultural practices
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Waterway and wetland protection and enhancement
  • Coastal and marine biodiversity

For further information about SCIPN and projects please contact:

Murray Johns
Landcare Coordinator
Mobile   0455 500 542

Town: Modewarre/Surf coast

Our Projects:

Serrated Tussock Watch

Serrated Tussock Watch

Serrated Tussock: One Years Seeding is Seven Years Weeding!

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